What Browser do when you type a address in your Browser Addres bar

As a end user, we do not have to know about what the browser do,  when we type an address in Browser.

But as a Programmer or Software Engineer some time we involve in web programming. As we know that web programming include HTTP, HTML, CSS, web server and so on.

Mostly novice programmer have an abstract idea about, what is happening behind the scene. In this tutorial I will try to take all of you into a deeper picture of behind the scene.

Suppose we are going to read a tutorial on techie-knowledge

1. We type the interested address(URL) in the Browser address bar.


2.  As we know the address which we have type is known as domain-name. Internet works on IP address.
     so it is clear that domain name converted to IP  address.

    a. So after typing the URL in browser, browser first extract the domain name from the URL.
    b. then browser queries to your pre-configure DNS server to find the IP address of the domain.Some               time it may be happen that DNS server have not the IP for domain, In this case DNS server will                    forward the query along to  DNS server it is configured to defer to.

     c. After getting IP address browser sends a HTTP request  original site

       d. After getting the response browser render the page to browser.

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