Integrate Jenkins with GIT SCM

TO configure Git in Jenkins, first log in to your Jenkins server and in your Dashboard left side there is an option "Manage Jenkins", click on it

Now click on "Manage Plugins" on the next screen.

In the next screen click on "Available" tab.

You get a list of Plugins, in this list there so many Plugin, in 'Filter' box we put 'Git Plugin'.

Now we select the 'Git Plugin' check-box  and press the "Install without restart"

you get the following screen

Once all installations are complete, restart the Jenkins server by selecting ""  at the bottom of the page.

Now login again to Jenkins dashboard.

After Jenkins is restarted, Git will be available as an option whilst configuring jobs. To verify, click on New Item in the menu options for Jenkins. Then enter a name for a job, in the following case, the name entered is ‘JenkisDemo’. Select ‘Freestyle project’ as the item type. Click the Ok button.

In the next screen when you click on "Source Code Management" tab you get GIT as an option

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