Convention for Versioning of your project build

As we know that when we use any software tool or dependency or OS, they all come up with vesrion number like 2.1.1.

As a Software Engineer, developer and programmer we must understood what these version numbers.

So In this tutorial I will explain you about these version number.

The common convention for version numbers is

major. is incremented when something major is changed in your project.  For example, suppose you have removed a functionality, or changes the  signature of a function. so if client uses new version of project, changes can break the project of Clients using your library, so your client  need to take care when using a library with a different major version.

minor is incremented when something new added to your project but all the old functionality is same, For example, a method is added. In this case your client doe not worry about using the new version.Clients do not need to worry about about using the new version, as all the functions they are used to seeing will still be there and act the same.

build is incremented when the implementation of a function changes, but no signatures are added or removed. For example, you found a bug and fixed it. Clients should probably update to the new version, but if it doesn't work because they depended on the broken behavior, they can easily downgrade.

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