Spatial Data Type in MySQL DataBase

In this tutorial I will be able to provide you some information about Spatial Data and Spatial Data Type in MySQL.

What is Spatial Data ?

Spatial data also known as geo-spatial data, represents the location, size and shape of an object on  Earth such as a minar, lake, mountain or temple. this data can used to locate any device, mountain and place globally.

Spatial data consists of point, line, polygon and many others geometric object.

Spatial Data Types In MySQL


MySQL (here we use the version 5.7) has data types that correspond to OpenGIS classes. Some object that store single geometry values:

  •     GEOMETRY
  •     POINT

  •     POLYGON
GEOMETRY  can store geometry values of any type.

POINT, LINESTRING and POLYGON restrict their values to a particular geometry type.

data types that can hold multiple values:





MySQL supported spatial Data Format

Two  types of format are supported by mysql queries-

   1.  WKT (well known text) format
   2.  WKB (well known binary) format


The Well-Known Text (WKT) format of geometry values is designed for exchanging geometry data in ASCII form

Example of representing a point in WKT format


The Well-Known Binary (WKB) format of geometric values is used for exchanging geometry data as binary streams described by BLOB (Binary Large Object) values containing geometric WKB information.

WKB uses 1-byte unsigned integers, 4-byte unsigned integers, and 8-byte double-precision numbers (IEEE 754 format). A byte is eight bits.

For example, a WKB value that corresponds to POINT(1 1) consists of this sequence of 21 bytes, each described by two hex digits:


The sequence consists of these components:

Byte order:   01
WKB type:     01000000
X coordinate: 000000000000F03F
Y coordinate: 000000000000F03F

Storing geolocation of a point in MySQL using Spatial Data Type

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