MySQL beginner tutorial part-2


In the previous tutorial we just know about some basic concept about MySQL and some basic SQL commands.

In this tutorial I will tell you about some new  SQL (Structured Query Language) statements.

USE statement


This command is used for changing or selecting  the database from a list of databases.


when we use show databases; statement, it list  all available databases for a user.

so for selecting a particular database for working we use USE statement.

Syntax for use-

mysql> use db;         // replace db to your database name

As we know  RDBMS  uses table to represent data. so in RDBMS database contain a collection of tables.

Table is like a matrix contains rows and columns.

rows also knows a tuple or record

Here is an example of how a tables look like in MySQL.

student table

you can see an example of table named student where roll_no, name, sex, age are column name.

(101, Ram, M, 24) is a row of student table also known as tuples or record

CREATE statement in MySQL

Create a database 

In this section we learn about how to create a database in MySQL.

To create a database in MySQL we uses CREATE statement-

Suppose we are going to crate a database name college which store the student details.

mysql > CREATE DATABASE college;

It will create a college database in your MySQL server. you can check it using SHOW DATABASES; statement.

Create a table in database

In this section we learn about how to create a table in MySQL.
To create a table in MySQL we uses CREATE statement-

Step 1- First select the database (USE statement) in which you want to create a database.

In our case  we use college  as database that we just created.

USE college;
Step 2- Now we create a table student-

query to create a tabale-

mysql> CREATE TABLE student(roll_no varchar(20), name varchar(20), sex char(1), age int(3));
this command will create a table called student, which roll_no, name, sex, age as column name

DESC statement


DESC statement is used  to show the structure of a table.

Query to see the structure of table-

mysql> DESC student;;

student table structure

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