installing jboss7 in ubuntu

In this post i will tell you, How to install jboss7 Application server in Ubuntu 16.04, And how to run the Jboss Application sever also how to add an user in jboss7.

To install jboss in ubuntu /linux follow the given steps-

1. Install java.

Note: to install java on linux ubuntu follow the give link-

2. Download Jboss tar.

3. Untar the Jboss tar ball where you want to install. In my case this is /usr/local. you need root permission for this location. Ask your administrator for this -

$ sudo -s // to switch on root user from your terminal
$ tar -xvzf Jboss.tar.gz -C /usr/local
$ chmod 777 -R jboss

4. Set environment variable for jboss JBOSS_HOME.
$ sudo gedit /etc/profile
add in the last

5. Set the PATH system variable
sudo gedit /etc/environment
PATH ="usr/local/jboss/bin"

Running jboss server

1. Go to the location where you install jboss- {jboss.home/bin}

sh // To run the jboss in stanalone mode.

sh // To run jboss in cluster mode

Here we use standalone mode

3. Type the url in browser http://localhost:8080
    if everything is ok main page of server will display.

4. create a managment user/admin user for deploying application

Add user in Server

Management User
The default name of the realm for management users is ManagementRealm, when the utility prompts for the realm name just accept the default unless you have switched to a different realm.

   $ $JAVA_HOME/bin ./

Follow the step  which are shown on screen shot-

mangment realm
To add Application user follow the above step and choose option b). 

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