Submitting topology on storm cluster in production mode on linux(ubuntu)

Installing storm client

To submit Topology on production mode we need a storm client.
To install the storm-client on a machine follows the following steps -

1. Download storm release (in my case storm-0.8.2) from the following link-

 Note: Skip steps 2,3 and 4, if you have already installed storm client-

2. Extract the downloaded storm release using the following command

         $ tar -xvzf ~/Downloads/storm-0.8.2/ -C /usr/local

3. Set the path of bin directory of storm relase to access the storm command from anywhere, without typing the full path.

4. Create  a local , storm configuration, where we will tell about our nimbus host. To do it follow these steps-

       $ mkdir -p ~/.storm
       $ cat > storm.yaml
       $ "" // ip of your nimbus host

Creation of jar file containig your code and all the dependencies of your code

1. Type following command for compiling your code using maven. First change your current directory to your project base directory.

        $ mvn -f  pom.xml compile

3. create a jar containing you code 

       $ mvn -e package

 // this command create jar file of your project under target directory of your project

Submitting jar file to your storm cluster

To submit the jar of your code(toplogy) in cluster type the following command -

$ storm jar  full-path-of-you-jar  name-of-your-main- class  arguments

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