Setup eclipse ide for Java application

Setup Eclipse IDE for Java on Ubuntu

In this tutorial I will tell you about How to setup eclipse IDE for developing Java application.


1. Install Java on your Ubuntu machine.

To install and configure  the Java  follow the given link -
After installing Java, check for Java by using following command
$ java -version

Steps to install and configure eclipse for Java on Ubuntu/Linux

1. Download the eclipse IDE for Java using the following link-
2. extract the downloaded tar ball using the following command to  /usr/local

$ sudo tar  -xvzf  eclipse-jee-kepler-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz  -C  /usr/local
3. To execute the eclipse from any directory type the following command on terminal prompt.

4. To run the eclipse type eclipse on terminal prompt and a Workspace Launcher dialog will appear. Select "Use this as the default and do not ask again" and click OK.

5. Eclipse will start up. Either explore the Overview, Tutorials, etc. or close the Welcome page by clicking on the white X to reveal the Java perspective, where you will do your programming.

Set up Eclipse to use the latest version of Java for compiling and running your Java programs

1. Set the default installed JRE to java 1.7.0_25  To do this follow the steps-
  • Run the eclipse using eclipse command on terminal.
  • Open the preference pane by going Window->Preferences-->Java-->InstalledJREs
  • Select the java 1.7.0_25 as the default
  • Click OK to save the setting.
2. Set the Java compiler to java1.7.0_25, To do this follow the steps-
  • open eclipse preference pane by going to Window-->Preferences-->Java-->Compiler
  • select the compilation level to 1.7
  • click OK to save the setting
Now the platform is ready to create Java application using Eclipse IDE. Now you can create Java project using eclipse.

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