Hide your data behind image both in windows AND Linux os

Sometimes we want to hide data (files) from other persons in our computer/Laptop. So no one can access this data due to security reason or some personal reason,  for this we generally uses hidden property of files in Windows or create a file or folder using dot (.) in Unix or Linux operating system, but this isn't a safest way to hide your data.

Today I am going to tell you, How hide your data behind image. In this trick we hide  our data behind an image. So next time when other user will use your Laptop, He can not access your data, because you hide your data behind image.


1. Compress your data in .rar ball using winrar or any other  utility.

2. Copy both  .rar ball and Image (the image behind which you want to hide your  data) on desktop(for example, you can put anywhere)

3. Open the command prompt and type the following command
    "copy /b my.jpg+mydata.rar  hidden.jpg"


my.jpg ->The image behind which you want to hide your data.

mydata.rar-> files or folder converted into .rar ball, which you want to hide.

hidden.jpg ->output which hides your data.

For unix users try this

cat  my.jpg >  hidden.jpg

Accessing hidden data.

To access hidden data just unzip or unrar your file and you get your original data file.